About Fearless Facilitator

Professional boundaries can become blurred, lost and even crossed when we find ourselves under pressure at work.

VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) working environments, in particular, can create uncertainty for individuals, teams and managers, leading to outcomes that are unpredictable and stressful.

Under stress, the ‘fight, fright or flight’ instinct kicks in and can dominate the way things are done. People, teams and even whole organisations find themselves outside of their comfort zone, increasing the risk of conflict and the breakdown of relationships and business performance.

Fearless Facilitator helps people and businesses navigate their way out of these crisis situations and towards a more stable, connected and productive workplace and future. We do this by helping solve human challenges that limit job satisfaction and business results in VUCA workplaces.

Industries and sectors that can especially benefit from working with us include:

Policing and Justice

Industrial Relations

Health & Social Care

Policy Makers

Adults & Children’s Social Services

Multinational Manufacturing & Retail

Rachel Cashman is a breath of fresh air. With a calm and incisive manner she deconstructs complicated problems effortlessly, communicates with instinctive empathy, and makes every contact count. If you get the opportunity to work with her, don’t turn it down.
Dr Andrew Kelso

Medical Director, Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board

Led by our Founder and Creator of The Fearless Facilitator Method®, Rachel Cashman, executive and leadership facilitator, the process teaches businesses and organisations how to learn, then turn neuroscientific evidence and psychological expertise into practical actions that help your people pull together rather than apart.

About Rachel

Rachel has worked under three UK Prime Ministers, at the highest levels of senior policy making, in roles that have included facilitating UK government relationships with a number of international Statespeople and top 10 global Chief Executives.

Unphased, as a result, by the gravity of situations Executive leaders can find themselves dealing with, Rachel has earned an enviable reputation for the skill and tact with which she is able to help significant stakeholders face uncomfortable issues head-on. So much so that former NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, once described her as his “Head of Knotty Issues”.

An executive and leadership facilitator with over 20 years’ experience, Rachel has refined her processes and delivered enhanced working relationships and business outcomes across government departments and within global corporations and not-for-profit organisations throughout her career.

Often against the odds and expectations, Rachel is able to address tough issues by role-modelling the required rigour and integrity, alongside an appropriate level of sensitivity and empathy that successfully takes people with her, on a journey of professional discovery and recovery beyond the limiting interpersonal challenges that can often affect people and teams at work.

Based in the Sussex seaside city of Brighton in England, Rachel works across the UK and internationally. She holds an MSc Certificate in Policy & Healthcare Management, a British Psychological Society Certificate in Neuroscience and has trained and worked with Professor Amy Edmondson, author and Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School.

Rachel’s previous roles and work have included:

Delivering an NHS Horizons programme for over 80 NHS and Local Government Chief Executives on psychologically safe leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic

Coaching corporate leaders and Boards, such as Dow – the international material science company and Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Integrated Care Board

Advising senior policy makers in the NHS and central Government
Working with several Ministers for Women in UK government and the National Women’s Officer for The Labour Party
Executive Director roles on three NHS Hospital Trust Boards
Vice President of Welfare for the National Union of Students (NUS)
A UK delegate within The Commonwealth Future Leaders Programme